Oxfordshire Life

Not a bad view for my morning commute!

So, we've been living in Oxfordshire for the best part of 2 months now and I thought I would pop on here to give an update on our life.

Happily, I've found it much easier to acclimatise to Oxfordshire compared to when we moved to Devon back in 2016. I still miss the south west, in particular my friends and the beautiful beaches, but I'm sure come Spring, we will be visiting. And I still get my Devon fix, as I commute down there once a week to teach Singing, which I absolutely love.

But back to Oxfordshire...

Wow this county is beautiful! We've bought a flat located about 30 minutes south of Oxford which is surrounded by typical English countryside and wildlife. My morning commute regularly includes a fly by from various imposing birds of prey whilst also taking me past some of the most famous Oxford landmarks including the Oxford Camera, and the Bodleian Library. I can't really complain!

Aside from the wonderful wildlife and architecture, I am loving the geographic location of the county, it's now so easy to get into London. This not only means that we are all but a train ride away from the West End and London museums, but also, and somewhat more importantly, we are now much closer to members of our family. YAY! It's sooooooo good knowing I can just jump into the car and go visit my nephews, or see my mum, or my aunt-in-law. I mean, they're still 2 hours away, but 2 is a lot smaller than 6, so I'm happy!

Both Sean and I have settled well into our new jobs. I balance my week between an admin job at the University of Oxford, and running my Singing teaching business down in Exeter, it's working out really well and I am enjoying the contrasting challenges of each role. Sean is also loving his job and has thrown himself whole heartedly into running his own music department!

For the first time in our marriage, we now have evenings and weekends together, which is a complete revelation! It's been great getting out and exploring our new home. Last weekend we went for a country walk across some heathland and came across a couple of cows, just chilling, eating the bushes, as they do!

Life is good!

So, if I had to give you my top 5 things about Oxfordshire life so far...

1. A LOT more time with the husband, meaning we can go on lots of new adventures and spend even more time in nature.

2. A much better work-life balance, where I now no longer experience the Sunday night blues, I love going to work!

3. The beauty and culture of Oxford is on my doorstep, and I get to open half my week walking between the spires and soaking it all in. Exciting!

4. London is now practically on our doorstep!!!!

5. When I have the office window open, I am visited by the tinkling of the Oxford bells on the hour, every hour. What a treat!