Life in isolation # Day 1

So we are social distancing, like the responsible citizens we are (!) and now with the lockdown (announced last night) it seems like we will have plenty of time to get all those 'little' jobs done around the house. But life certainly feels weird at the moment. The beauty of the spring sunshine and budding blossoms is at a strange juxtaposition to the feeling of uncertainty that hangs in the air at the moment.

With all that is going on right now, and the constant news reports touting fear and woe, it would be really easy to slip into a negative thought cycle.

So, learning from lessons of the past, (both my own and the country's) I am working on strategies to keep things into perspective, and keep my mind busy. Some things that are working for me whilst I keep myself isolated:

Cooking my first rhubarb crumble.

1. Having a (flexible) routine - Yes it is nice to sleep in a little later, but I'm taking care to make sure my day has fixed activities in it to keep me active. I've set myself a '30 Day Walking Challenge) where I make sure to do a walk-at-home video every day. Thank goodness for youtube! I'll probably write a post on this a bit later into the challenge (currently on day 6...going well so far). Keeping 'work' habits is also useful, and embracing the opportunity to do daily things like cooking from scratch is certainly something to be happy about, which leads me on to...

2. Gratitude - I'm grateful for my health, and for the safety net of the NHS. So, so many people in the world are without one or both of these things. It's easy to dwell on the fear that I might get sick, but I remind myself to live in the present and celebrate the fact that I'm not sick. Neither, thank God, are any of my family, which is something to really be thankful for.

3. Accepting a slower pace of life - with working from home, and the usual social activities no longer an option, I'm enjoying living at a slower pace of life. Having more family time with Sean (and the hamsters) is lovely, so is sitting in the living room watching the birds flutter to and fro from the feeder, planting out the flower pots, and having time to brush up my piano skills.

But sadly, this does now mean that I've run out of excuses to neglect the spare room... it looks like I'm finally going to have to tackle that dreaded mess...


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