House updates and to-dos

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Our 'Cathedral' wall

It's been 2ish months since we moved and I realised that I haven't written about our lovely little flat!

So, we've moved into a 2-bed ground floor flat in a pretty market town, about 30 minutes from Oxford. The rooms are a good size, I mean, we've been able to fit 2 sofas, a dining table and a baby grand piano into our living room, so I think we've been lucky for space!

That being said, it's clear that Sean and I need to do a serious amount of decluttering. We aspire to be minimalists, but looking at the number of boxes we've brought with us, we've got a long way to go. A couple of trips to IKEA has given us some good storage solutions, but we need to get serious and actually unpack the boxes...

But in terms of updates, the cathedral wall which once decorated the living room, has now been relocated to the hallway to make way for a much more 'minimal' approach to a living room layout, and we've now got A PINK WALL (thank you Sean). This is exciting.

Out of all of the rooms in the flat (5) the living room/kitchen is probably the closest to being 'finished'. It's a really enjoyable space, with lots of house plants (which surprisingly are still alive, some are fake...) a lovely view, and most importantly, it is now home to our piano, which has been is storage for the past 2 years!

Looking around, there are still lots of things get on with, but we're quite short on time. February half-term flew by and it looks like we're not going to have any time to get on with some serious decorating until Easter. Which in a way I guess is a good thing, as I'm completely DREADING tackling the mess that is the spare room... (cue an ominous thunderclap and bolt of lighting).

Things I'd like to get done, when I get the time...

1. Paint our bedroom/ hallway/spare room - I love colour. Most of the flat is currently painted magnolia. This is a problem.

2. Do some more decluttering.

3. Make-over the bathrooms so that they are less like those found in 'student' accommodation.

4. Paint all ceilings and skirtings, and possibly doors

5. Plant out some pots to decorate our patio area, and invest in a bistro set so that we can sit outside for our morning cup of tea, soaking up the spring sunshine, when it gets here.