Exciting News: Time to study!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

So I’ve been trying to put this time in lockdown to good use by doing some more learning.

As all of my pupils will know, I am hugely influenced by the works of Jo Estill, who took a physiological approach to understanding the art and mechanics of voice production. Whilst in lockdown, the husband and I completed our second Level 1 & 2 course in the Estill method, studying under one of the greatest teachers I know, Anne-Marie Speed (click here to go to her website). Anne-Marie, and her associates, are wonderful teachers and together with engaging lessons, help unlock many ‘mysteries’ of the voice. As a teacher myself, I am a huge believer in life-long learning, so it was great to be able to use some of this lockdown time productively, studying the voice is great detail and sharing our thoughts and experiences with fellow professionals from around the world.

Since I first started learning about the Estill approach back in 2018, I’ve been like an eager sponge, soaking up as much vocal knowledge goodness as I can. So much so that since I finished my last course, I’ve bitten the bullet and applied for the 3 year Estill Master Trainer Course, which qualifies participants to teach Estill Voice Training. Competition for places are usually quite high, so I was delighted to learn yesterday that I’ve been accepted, and will begin my studies in September. I am so EXCITED! I’ll be interested to see how even more detailed studies will affect my own teaching style, and enhance my creative choices as a performer. It’s the next step in my musical journey, and I can’t wait to begin!