Day 5: Vianden to Luxembourg City

It’s hard to leave such a pretty spot, Vianden has been a wonderful place to explore and we are certainly going to come back. The campsite had everything we needed, and our pitch had a great location nestled into the trees, with a little river running behind. I loved just sitting in the tent and watching as the sun gradually passed over the valley, causing different shadows to flicker across the alpine forests, highlighting the various shades of green, and occasionally, just the slightest hint of Autumn’s golden hues. In the evening Sean went off to the restaurant to make full use of their wifi, but I was shattered from the day so had an early night. So after a spot of meditation, I tucked myself under the duvet, but left the door open so I could enjoy the sky’s display of pink sunsetting rays, and the gentle onset of the deep inky blue of night, all accompanied by the sounds of nature; the river running beside us, the creek of crickits in the hedge row, the hooting of an owl hunting for his supper, and the odd dog bark from far off down the valley, what a way to go to sleep!

The beautiful valley surrounding our tent.

I woke up well rested but damp – I think we have a leak in the tent. Whilst Sean slept, I enjoyed the morning stillness of the campsite, the sunshine on the trees, and the gradual stirring as the inhabitants of the valley (both human and animal) began to wake up.

The plan today: head to Luxembourg City. Originally, we were going to spend 2 nights in Luxembourg and then head to Germany, but we have well and truly fallen for this country and have decided to spend another night here, this time in the capital city. Our campsite reservation in the Black Forest was never confirmed to us anyway, so I guess Germany will have to wait for another time!

After 3 days of Sean driving, it was my turn to step up to the task, and so I drove from Vianden to Luxembourg City and it was surprisingly fun! The views along the drive were breath-taking and I was pleased that for the first time this trip, Sean was able to really enjoy them without having to concentrate on driving.

Finding parking in Luxembourg city was a little tricky, but all the sites were well signposted. Given that it was a Saturday, it was just a case of patience until we found a space which luckily, we did! Directly above the carpark was the tourist information centre, which we made use of, before popping into a local restaurant for lunch, which by this time, was well needed!

I don’t know whether it was the heat of the day (28C+) or the concentration from driving, but after lunch I was SO tired. We needed to find a place to stay for the night anyway, so after a quick look on the Booking app, I found a hotel very close to where we where which had space for the night, and check-in had already opened! Because it was such a late booking, there was a massive discount on the room, which is always a good thing, but when we opened the door to our abode, we couldn’t believe our luck! Take a look:

This is by far the most amazing hotel room that I have ever stayed in! Besides the fact that it’s got a sofa and a writing desk (at which I’m sitting now, writing this blog post), the views are absolutely stunning! There is a wrap-around balcony which affords us outstanding views of some of Luxembourg’s most famous landmarks. Words don’t do justice to my current feelings of gratitude, thankfulness and utter disbelief right now.

After a nap in that amazing room, Sean and I spent the evening exploring the city. With the heat of the day at a pass, we took a pleasant stroll around the area, visiting a number of landmarks.

Luxembourg has a flourishing nightlife; we walked past many beautiful establishments serving food and drink to the young, and young-at-heart, accompanied by the latest tunes blasting out of the sound systems, but that wasn’t really our scene, so we continued walking into the heart of the city and found a little restaurant called ‘Bistrot de la Presse’ run but two lovely women, who explained that the kitchen was about to close but if we were quick, they’d make us something. The food was great, and just what we needed after a long day of exploring, their hospitality was warm yet unobtrusive, and it was lovely whiling away the evening with tasty food, good company and a beautiful setting.

With our tummies full and sleep beckoning once more, we headed back to our hotel to get a good night’s sleep ready for the next day’s adventure.