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If you look at the publish dates of my past Blogs, you might see a trend, they all coincide with school holidays!

In the past, when I was working as a full-time teacher, I fell into the trap of becoming so busy in term time that I only remembered to 'live' during the holidays: seeing friends, deep cleaning the house, connecting with family, even getting my hair cut, all had to wait until school finished and freedom commenced. So blogging, like everything else, had to wait.

I know I'm not alone in 'saving up my life' for the holidays. Most teachers I know give 100% to their children, often at the expense of their own personal, social and sometimes even financial wellbeing. Some schools are better than others at looking after their staff, and I was very lucky to finish my teaching career surrounded by wonderful colleagues and amazing pupils. My experience there restored my faith in teaching as a vocation, and my own abilities in the classroom. But after 7 years teaching, I'm ready for a new challenge, exploring my role as a Lay Chaplain, and growing my own business as a Singing teacher (more on that in another post).

On our way a Singing workshop in London.

This career refocus began last September, and since then I have started to learn how to get a better work-life balance. Almost a year later, I'm starting to feel like the old 'me', reconnecting with my past loves of music, photography, art and drama. It feels like waking up from a dream, with my eyes slowly starting to refocus in the brightness of daylight, and appreciating the beautiful colours of life and living.

So along with picking up my camera, paint brush and books (I'd forgotten how much I loved to read!) I'm making a real effort to dedicate more time and love to this blog. I've enjoyed looking back at old posts and memories, and hope to use this space to make many more. It's back to blogging!

A quick line drawing I did recently.